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Sat Apr 08, 6: If you flash the card’s BIOS to an nVidia reference version you shouldn’t have any problems using their drivers. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. Fri Apr 07, 1: If I try to download and install the latest, winXP fails booting and all I see is a black screen with 3 tiny dots on the top right.

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My MSI 6600GT AGP is crap… nVidia driver tweaking software?

All three AGP cards provided good overclocking ability, which was nice to see. Privacy policy and Terms of Use. The MSI card overclocked slightly better and had a more comprehensive bundle packaged with it, while the Gigabyte model came with newer games. Aagp couldn’t help noticing all of these cards’ higher prices and lack of SLI though.

MSI GeForce GT AGP problems

GirgleMirt Ars Praefectus Registered: If I try to download and install the latest, winXP fails booting 6600gg all I see is a black screen with 3 tiny dots on the top right. Sat Apr 08, 6: Catch 6600gtt of PCstats latest hardware reviews right here. Anywhooo, I did have problems with nvidia drivers on an older card.


When it comes to bundling nsi with their hardware, MSI is tough to beat. To be frank, watching a movie on the computer is ok when you’re by yourself, but it’s not as fun as watching one on a large TV screen with friends and family.

Sucks I know but it worked for me. P Anyhow, I downloaded the coolbits I linked above, and tada! Thu Apr 06, 9: Beginners Guides Cases and Access.

There’s a set of very obvious conclusions to draw here, especially considering that the order of finishing in our benchmarks hardly changed at all I never had any issues. DriverGuru Senator et Subscriptor Tribus: The thing I’m trying to fix is this: For mainstream cards, this seems to be the best current value. For most people however I recommend either 3, 2 or 1 at the lowest as setting a value of 0 can disable the performance benefits of dual core CPUs for example.

Thu Apr 06, 7: Maybe worth a shot. But then you lose a crap load of performance.

GeForce 6600 GT

Both represent excellent value. Experiment by setting this value to 2 first, and then if necessary try an extreme value like 0. The Gigabyte GV-3D1 was the head of the class in most of our tests, even running in single non-SLI mode; this can be attributed to its memory being clocked faster than the rest of the cards in the roundup. When it comes to processors, motherboards, memory or hard drives, each technology moves in small evolutionary steps.


I’ve noticed that with nVidia drivers, with a couple of different cardssomething. Could you imagine a dual-slot cooler in the first mai of the GeForce? For instance, videocards are shipping with bigger and bolder heatsinks 6600gy only a few years ago seemed unimaginable. Thanks for the advice I’ll keep them in mind for my afp driver war. It’s clear that they offer exceptional value to any gamer on a budget, and the added promise of SLI only emphasizes this more.

If you have an older card, esp. That has happened with the Gefoce GT, but the mainstream cards of today offer a much more value than the nsi cards of yesterday ever did.

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