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I have used bluevpn but I have error message your device does not support VPN connections. I was planning to buy a load of Nexus 7s for work, but if they can’t connect to the internet through our Blackberrys, then we’ll have to find another solution. I’ll email the log file. Click “Apply” then click “Advance” button. December 27, at 6: Wang Gang May 7, at 7: A similar procedure may work to tether other cell phones that have a data plan though the parts about Desktop Manager will not apply.

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BlackBerry Bold support – Using BlackBerry as a modem. – Three

October 4, at 5: Im having GT, im able to use the Internet on the phone through Bluetooth DUN on my windows but not on my lenovo a tableti get error service discovery failed. Try to rename the phone. Show posts by this member only Post 5.

Last Drivers  D-LINK WUA-2340 DRIVER

Bellaire-Cave Family July 28, at Oh, I was forgetting. So would this contribute to the usage of our BIS bundle?

Don’t worry it won’t Like someone else above, I also had the problem with everything appearing to connect ok but no internet access, but it was all OK after I followed the advice of moeem off, connecting to charge for a few seconds, then powering on again.

Sep 20 Jozef Sith December 2, at 2: I just bought the n7 and this will make or break it for me. Oh, my mistake then. Apr 11 Enable the Logger and Log to File option in the setting panel only if you want to send me the generated application.

John Teygeler November 25, at It would be fine if there is an option of not using GPRS. Try to enable the option “BlackBerry compatibility” in the setting panel for version 2.

The browser is not getting any data. I have ATT and this worked for me: From the Home Screenselect the Settings icon.


How to setup Bluetooth Internet Tethering on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet

Please add 5 and 7 and type the answer here: Jul 6 I’ll email the log file. First you must satisfy these criteria: Antony February 10, at However, everybody at their desks had nothing to do since even internal network connectivity was affected.

This is due to the Android BT stack; try the following test: Please send me the app to my mail metje23 gmail. I’ll investigate in the future if there is a workaround. Feb 11 July 30, at bluuetooth Alec McCartney January 19, at Some apps, however, still don’t recognize the internet connection. You really should get additional info from service provider.