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Wrong gid causes mounting read only. This can be configured as shown below. You can also use variables see autofs 5 man page to substitute users and other parameters to be able to create generic file for multiple users. To remove a bookmark, click either ‘Edit Bookmarks’, or the ‘Remove’ button, either of which is the counterpart of the two addition methods stated above. Linar Marshall November 20, at Ji m December 2, at

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You should have already set-up password-less authentication via public key encryption.

Unmounting a partition to prevent unwanted access While it’s easy and effective to set permissions on partitions, there may be times when setting permissions won’t be enough.

The mounts ubunt the separate daemons might interfere with one another. Select Drive, then partition, then use More actions cogs icon button to access ‘Edit Mount Options’ menu.

Insert the bus id in the following command, using the format The file systems are then automatically umounted after a period of inactivity. Using mount Get the Information Sometimes, devices don’t automount, in which case you should try to manually mount them.

I was confused because auto-mount was not working even though the “Mount at startup” checkbox was checked in the grayed out UI. Look automouht the list generated above to identify the partition s to be mounted.

Mount drive in linux and set auto-mount at boot – Tech Knowledge Base – Confluence

It should look similar to this. This applies to all types of storage devices, including flash drives, flash cards, external hard drives, ipods and other media players, and even remote storage like Samba or NFS shares. Wrong gid causes mounting read only. If you use autonount graphical desktop you shouldn’t need this as it will have its own way of automatically mounting USB devices.


The material here also applies to flash cards like in your digital camera.

Ubuntu – automatically mount partition at startup with fstab

The following script explores buses and connected devices: It slows down disk writes because you ask for every byte to be flushed instantly instead of letting your computer optimize that for you. Automonut autofs can be configured by editing configuration files. Debugging Auto Mount Problems If you are having trouble automounting your file systems, it may be useful to run automount in the foreground.

Pass fsck order Fsck order is to tell fsck what order to check the file systems, ibuntu set to “0” file system is ignored. You can find a discussion of relatime here: On linux the hard drive partitions are generally not mounted at boot. Automout field is usually set to 0, which disables it. Otherwise, they will be named “disk””disk-1” and so on.

If the drives need to autokount mounted during startup this might not be suitable, since it may not mount them until too late, and the mount point may not be predictable, though if all you need is for it to be mounted somewhere once startup is complete it should be fine. These lines have the following format: In a nutshell, mounting is the process where a raw physical partition is prepared for access and assigned a location on the file system tree or mount point.


How to Mount Partitions Automatically on Start Up in Ubuntu 14.04

To keep the folder structure consistent an alternative command can be used that takes care of the correct mountpoint automatically: Mount read-write, specifying a username and password to use to connect to the share: This howto assumes that you are already familiar with NFS exports, and that you already have a properly-functioning NFS share on uguntu network. The root device should be 1. Hello master Ji m I would like to ask you something.

The fstab file can have comment lines, starting with the hash symbol. You can do this on Music uvuntu Movies to access these files from Ubuntu. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. However, if you need to authenticate before accessing the Samba share, automount will not function. If you have a lot of NFS or Samba shares, you may want to uncomment these lines. If set to true, Nautilus will automatically open a folder when media is automounted.